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Chris Rauch graduated in Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University in 2015 following a previous career in Engineering. He is experienced in helping people to manage dietary changes for a broad array of chronic conditions such diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and liver disease. A special interest of his is the management of digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease.

Alongside private practice, Chris has also been working at Monash University in research and clinical practice with athletes. The range of laboratory tests that he conducts for athletes including metabolic and gut function tests under exercise stress have given him greater insight into the demands placed on the body and the digestive system during the extremes of competitive sport, and he is well versed at developing management strategies for specific issues that athletes face. He has worked with a vast array of athletes, from the recreational competitors in track and field and team sports, to elite level marathon runners and triathletes.

Being both a recreational sprint triathlete and lover of good food himself, Chris aims to develop personalised nutrition plans that support your training and competition goals (as they develop and change) at the same time as incorporating the foods that you enjoy.


  • APD, B. Nut. Diet (Hons), Accredited Practicing Dietitian
  • Sports Dietitian, Provisionally Accredited


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Ground Floor, Suite 1, 492 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne, VIC, 3004

Phone: (03) 9820 3611

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