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Dietitians are experts in food, nutrition and using dietary modifications to help manage sickness or nutrition related conditions. Sports Dietitians additionally have expertise in using dietary manipulations to support the rigours of training to optimise sports performance. A nutrition consultation will involve:

  • An assessment of your current diet, taking into consideration your health*, activity levels and lifestyle.
  • Understanding your likes/dislikes and meal-prep ability.
  • Prioritise the most important targets of dietary change. A simple plan will be made with both broad and specific goals for you to work on.
  • For a Sports Nutrition consultation, a thorough understanding of your level of training and competition will be sought and what your current training goals are. Prioritising your nutrition strategy to help achieve your performance goals may involve: recovery nutrition, carbohydrate periodisation, physique manipulation, gut training or competition preparation/carbo loading.

The Evolve difference:

  • Please do not expect to receive a standardised meal plan. Your current diet will be ‘tweaked’ to ensure that your food intake is nutritionally complete (all your body’s requirements are met) and appropriate adjustments are made in accordance with your goals.
  • Knowing your likes and dislikes or how often you eat out / take-away is an important part of creating a plan that includes foods that you enjoy and is therefore sustainable.

*If you have any recent medical tests or reports, please bring a copy along for the dietitian.


This service is available at the following clinics:

Ground Floor, Suite 1, 492 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne, VIC, 3004

Phone: (03) 9820 3611

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