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Evolve Physio & Podiatry Prahran

Being injured can be frustrating, to say the least, and the last thing you need is to drive all over Melbourne looking for different specialists to help with your issue. That is why, at Evolve, we have the services and staff you need in one place. We provide treatment and conditioning from the moment of injury, and we’ll stay with you through a detailed recovery and fitness program. We aim to treat you under one roof with a team of professionals you can trust, from sports injuries to physical conditioning and posture problems. If you’re suffering from chronic pain or looking to improve your physical condition, make Evolve Physio Prahran your physiotherapist of choice. Book an appointment online and visit us for a consultation.

Physiotherapy Prahran For Modern-Day Issues

You might have heard about or even be suffering from tech neck. While not specifically an injury, tech neck (sometimes referred to as text neck) is one of the most common physical issues today, particularly among young people. Tech neck occurs from too much time spent on your computer or phone and having your neck positioned awkwardly and unnaturally for extended periods of time. This can be from looking at your monitor all day to sitting up on your phone all night. Tech neck can lock the neck and back in an uncomfortable position and cause soreness, stiffness, and even spasms. But your physiotherapist Prahran could help. Evolve Physio Prahran can offer helpful treatments to ease the pain and return your neck into a normal resting position.

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Book Evolve Podiatry Prahran & Beyond

Evolve also has your Prahran podiatrist needs covered. We have the expertise to treat all manner of podiatry needs, from sporting injuries and chronic pain to other issues such as ingrown toenails and skin conditions. If you’re feeling foot pain after walking or exercising it might be a sign you need orthotics to correct your foot position. Our podiatry Prahran services cover a full footwear assessment to determine if your current shoe/s is to blame. Make a change today and book an appointment with an Evolve podiatrist in Prahran or beyond. We’d love to provide the podiatry care you need to alleviate your foot pain, heel pain, aching legs and postural complaints.

Why Choose Evolve?

All Evolve patients receive the latest in treatments, just like the sports elite. We believe all patients deserve the latest advanced treatments and knowledge partnered with the best services. Our collective of practitioners collaborates to proactively help prevent injuries, fast track diagnosis/recovery and give each of our clients every opportunity to get the best out of their body. With many years of experience treating some of the world’s most elite athletes, there’s no doubt you’ll be in good hands. Check out our online booking system to find a clinic, service, specialist as well as fees and available appointment times.