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Evolve Physio & Podiatry Windsor

Evolve offers a wide range of treatments performed by a dedicated team. With so many professional treatments available, you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best possible care. Our physiotherapists take a hands-on, proactive approach to achieve the best results. We tailor your treatment and exercise program not just to the type of injury or issue you’re suffering from, but for you specifically. Because everyone is built differently and requires a unique approach. We not only assist your recovery from injury but also provide you with the tools and exercises you need to prevent any recurrence so you can enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed, fit and injury-free.

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What Can Physio Windsor Do For Me?

A physiotherapist studies the science of movement to pinpoint a patient’s injury or issue and provide treatment. This treatment can be from a range of different remedial massages, exercises, body manipulations, and dry-needling, all in order to return your body’s movement back to normal. Our physio Windsor team will take a comprehensive analysis of your medical history as well as your current physical condition before providing any treatment. This ensures that you’re getting the best possible treatment for you and your issue. Every patient is unique, and so every analysis and treatment plan will be unique as well. Our team is here to help, book online today and take the first step in removing pain from your life.

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Do I Need to See A Podiatrist?

If you’re experiencing pain in your feet and or lower legs, then a trip to your local provider of podiatry Windsor or beyond might help to solve the issue. Dealing with sore feet every day is not normal; humans are made for walking around, so a day on your feet should not result in foot pain. If you’re suffering from foot pain, it might mean you have an issue we can help with. Issues such as corns, skin conditions, ingrown toenails, swelling, and redness are all problems your podiatrist Windsor can assess and create a plan for treatment. Visit us today and take the first step to walk without pain.

Book Podiatry or Physiotherapy Windsor

It can be difficult to decide whether to see a physio or podiatrist, particularly if your symptoms are in your ankles or feet. Evolve physiotherapists and podiatrist Windsor work closely together, and regularly refer patients from physiotherapy to podiatry and vice-versa. So, if required, pending your assessment findings, you can easily see either practitioner. As a general rule, it is encouraged to see a podiatrist for specific ankle and/or feet issues. If you’re having symptoms in other areas of the body along with your ankles/feet, we encourage a physiotherapist review. Try out our online booking system to find a clinic and service that suits you, as well as our fees and available appointment times.