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Our Pilates service is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Clinical Pilates was developed here in Australia when local physios took the original Pilates concepts created by Jospeh Pilates and adapted them to treat and manage musculoskeletal injury. The focus is on muscular control, to enhance stability, flexibility, strength and endurance. It is more than just “core strengthening” and can be tailored to concentrate on any area of the body.

The Evolve difference:

• Our therapists will do a comprehensive assessment of your injuries, past and present, and customize a Pilates program to suit your level and goals

• Our classes are small in size, limited to 3-4 participants so you will get plenty of attention and feedback on how you are progressing

• We utilise Real Time Ultrasound which allows us to show you your deep abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, lower back and buttock/hip muscles working live on the screen for immediate feedback on how well you can activate them


This service is available at the following clinics:

Ground Floor, Suite 1, 492 St Kilda Road,
Melbourne, VIC, 3004

Phone: (03) 9820 3611

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